I have always been interested in people and their stories. Film, television, and video are the most powerful way to express these stories, fictional or real. Postproduction has become my niche, and I have honed my craft to express a story’s emotion, tension, and development through cuts, angles, and pacing. 

I also value the importance of organization in editing. An effective workflow and proper backup protocols limit issues and allow the editing process to move smoothly. I have experience working with a predetermined workflow, especially as an assistant editor, and I have built upon existing workflows to increase efficiency. But when problems arise, they must be solved. I have faced and successfully resolved a variety of issues during projects without disrupting the project schedule.

I have worked on editing teams at several companies. My responsibilities have included logging media according to company policy, researching and pulling archival media, creating selects, and creating short animations. I have assisted senior editors on individual projects and supported several editors simultaneously on a variety of projects. 

I studied Film & Video at Drexel University, focusing on postproduction. I worked on a variety of projects, including assistant editor for Off Campus, Drexel’s student-run sitcom, editor for DNews, Drexel’s news magazine program, and lead editor for Being Biz, a short documentary about Texas rapper B.i.Z. In addition to working on projects, I also learned trailer cutting, motion graphics, visual effects, and audio postproduction.